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All you need to know about Promo Codes!

June 2019 | Chris Wordley

What is a Promotional Code or Promo Code, as popularly called? While shopping online, one may come across a little box asking to enter the promo code. When the code is entered in the discount box, the consumer may get an extra discount or free shipping on current purchase.  Promotional codes are a set of alphanumeric codes given by retailers to their customers as an incentive to shop. Promotional codes are a part of the marketing strategy of online stores to encourage purchase from their site. The discount given through a promo code can be availed on a product or the entire purchase at checkout. It is computer generated, and a Consumer can receive them in an email or link or a QR code to scan. This also makes them flexible to use, from mobile or laptops.

Promotional codes work for both the customer and the seller. The customer gets something extra at the checkout, and it ends the whole shopping experience on a high. Instead of paying the selling price, the customer pays less when the code gives an additional discount. Using NIEBOO10 gives you an additional 10% discount on a wide variety of men’s shaving products, women’s personal care products, accessories, electronics and unique gadgets across the website. The Coupon Code offers 10% off on your first order of men’s skincare products, women’s hair removal products, accessories and gadgets.

Nieboo, the online store is home to a wide range of men’s skincare products, women’s personal care products, accessories and electronic gadgets. The men’s range includes shaving products like electric shavers, trimmers, razors, cutters, and replacements, and the women’s range includes women’s hair removal products like epilators.  Nieboo also brings you a wide range of personal and oral care products like mint & mouth sprays, interdental brushes, baby brushes, flossing tape, and mouth rinse. The electronic range comprises of branded & genuine earphones, cables and chargers from Sony, Huawei, HTC, Samsung, Skull Candy, and JBL. Enter coupon code NIEBOO10 to avail a flat 10% discount on your first online order

Is a Promotional code only meant for the consumer; whdat’s in there for the seller? 

The consumer gets the desired products at a lower price while the seller gets the consumer. A coupon for subscribing or on first order brings in new customers. This is an invaluable marketing strategy for attracting new customers. Promo codes work for both, the new and the returning customer. Promotional codes are a great way of keeping a track on the traffic and the trends. The seller can manage to track the distinct men’s and women’s shopping styles. This information works beautifully to design other marketing strategies and motivate customers to participate in other campaigns, surveys and subscriptions run by the seller. Promo codes work effectively in creating brand awareness and generating brand loyalty. The sellers invest in giving discounts to bring in more customers instead of spending the money on advertisement. Promotional codes bring the customers on the target page, the exact point of sale where the seller wants them, in one click. Setting up clear rules and limit ensure that the promotion is working the way the seller wants it and pleasing the buyer.

A great promotion can falter on its face if not promoted well. Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube increases the reach and the number of participants. A good promotion on social media will lead to a rise in follower count. This means the number of consumers following the next campaign will be set and only increase from there on. The campaign has to be customised to make it equally effective on every platform. The best thing about Promo Codes; they can be limited. They can be exclusive and target a specific audience, limit the number of participants and close down after the limit is reached. A one-off discount for all or an exclusive one for the loyalists; a unique code for the ones who register or a reward for those who fill up the survey, there are n number of ways customers can be won and rewarded. Promo codes are a win-win strategy for both the buyer and the seller; wherein, the buyer gets the joy of extra discount, the seller wins a repeat customer.