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Floss vs. Interdental Brushes: The Ultimate Battle of the Best

July 2019 | Chris Wordley

Interdental cleaning is essential as it finishes what your toothbrush started. A toothbrush, whether it's an everyday manual or an electric powered brush, can best reach 3 of the five surfaces of the enamel. Because of this if you don’t use something to clean the gaps, 35% of your teeth's surface is untouched. 

Tooth and gum problems are, in every case, more awful interdentally. Dental Plague is usually found majorly in tight spaces where your brush can't reach. This will cause plaque deposits and food debris trapping in between your teeth and, if nothing is done to remove it, can turn to dental decay or gum disease. It is the microscopic organisms inside dental plaque that causes the tooth to rot or cause gum illness. 

Fundamentally, you should clean these small gaps between the teeth, however, with what?

To save you from this, it is good to use either dental floss or interdental brushes every day, depending on what suits you according to the gap. If the interdental regions are large enough, then it’s awesome to apply an interdental brush. If the gap is too small, then use floss. You could want a variety of sized brushes and floss, relying upon your teeth. 

But every teeth cleaning device has its advantages and limitations. Let’s check out some of them and accordingly you can choose whether Floss brush or Interdental brushes will make the difference for you. 

Interdental brushes: 

These bottle brushes clean your teeth effectively. They've got a plastic handle, a wire, and bristles around it. The bristles rub against the gums and in between gaps to clean any plaque or food. There are a few tremendous producers of interdental brushes, but the most successful and recommended by dentists are Tepe interdental brushes.


  • Interdental brushes are more comfortable to use.
  • It is a frequently used dental care product.
  • Due to the bristles, it provides overall cleaning. 
  • Just like toothbrushes, interdental brushes can be used repetitively. 
  • Works great for people with braces. 
  • Unlike flossing, interdental brushes take less time to clean. 
  • The tips can bend for an effective clean.


  • If you have tight spaces in between your teeth, interdental brushes won’t be useful. 
  • Expensive than floss. 
  • Can damage gums. 


After the floss dance move went viral, flossing has become popular as well. Dental floss is a piece of string that you use to fit in spaces between the teeth and clean the plaque or food particles stuck. 

It comes in many varieties of patterns and designs. The satin floss from Oral-B is a recommended oral care product by leading dentists for flossing. 


  • Some gaps are too thin for the interdental brushes. In such cases, dental floss can become useful. 
  • It is cheaper than interdental brushes. 
  • No need for different sizes. It is simply a thread like structure that is fit for all. 
  • It is hygienic to use since you have to throw it after every use. 


  • It can't clean as effectively as Interdental brushes. 
  • It is not reusable 
  • It can damage the gums if used rigorously. 
  • It is not recommended for people with braces. 

Not cleaning the gaps between the teeth can develop plaque leading into tooth decay or any gum illness. Thus, taking preventative measures becomes vital for oral care. 

Where once floss was your go-to choice, an interdental brush is currently an appropriate choice. In this comparison, the interdental brush can come out as a preferred choice. They are a lot simpler to utilize and less messy. We do believe that you should also use dental floss where the interdental brushes can’t fit. 

For good oral care, a combo of interdental brushes and dental floss works the best! Online shopping for men and women can get you better deals for Oral healthcare products.

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