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Gillette Fusion Razor Blades for Men

March 2019 | Chris Wordley

Shaving is mostly one of the routine tasks of men. Cutting on the face during shaving is a very common problem for men. Many times smaller cuts that take place during shaving also infect the skin. Always beware of the cuts while shaving, and always try to protect your skin from the unwanted wounds during shaving. A small mistake while shaving can leave the mark on your face for the entire life. You should do shave in such a way that it will remove unwanted hair, not your skin.

Gillette fusion razor blades for men: Gillette fusion razor blade comes with the advanced technology of shaving. It is necessary for the contemporary grooming kit of man’s which give a clear and clean skin.

1. 5-blade system: It has 5 blades which helps in removing the hairs from the deep inside in an effective manner. The 5 blades of Gillette fusion razor are thin.

2. Precise trimming: This is considered to be the best brilliant precise trimmer as this helps not only in the smooth shaving but also using this precise trimmer you can easily shave the tricky areas. The tricky spots like the area under your nose and the sideburns. You can easily shave these areas.

3. Lubrastrip: There is a lubrastrip at the top of the razor. It is green in color. It releases lubricants in order to avoid friction. Immediately change your blade as soon as you observe the lubrastrip color changes to white from green.

4. Soft Microfins: As the Gillette fusion razor blades contain soft microfins, so you don’t need to worry about the cuts. Because it will let you shave smoothly by stretching your skin gently.

5. Ergonomic Handle: The handle is designed ergonomically to provide you with an excellent grip even when it becomes wet.

Gillette fusion power blades: It is strong and powerful blades system with having 5-blades in it. This powerful, Gillette fusion power 5-blade system is designed specially to bring a comfortable level of shaving with no compromises. Here are some key features of this product written below.

Product features

1. Less irritation: Gillette fusion power blades help in reducing the force and pressure per blade. While shaving using the fusion power blade, you feel less irritation than the other blades. Like MACH3

2. More comfort: It provides you flexible comfort guard which follows the outline of your face.

3. Handle tricky areas: It contains great features which help you to shave smoothly. This Precision Trimmer manages the tricky areas, like the area under your nose and some sideburns. It smoothly follows the contours of your face.

For the best shaving performance, only try to shell out your money on the brand Gillette.