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How to Use a Trimmer to Get a Stylish Beard in No Time?

August 2019 | Chris Wordley

Beards are no-investment option to change a look entirely unlike a tattoo or a tux. Growing a beard is no rocket science for men. And if it doesn't grow as you wish, you can always trim it.  

If you want to look your best with a grown beard, they need frequent maintenance. It may sound relatively simple, but it can be a confusing task to style your mane into various forms with so many razors, trimmers, creams, foams, oils and other men’s beard trimmers & stylers.

Trimming provides a perfect shape to the beard, whereas a shapeless beard is just hair from the face. The right way to cut a beard is to aim for an even length throughout and a correct neckline of beard, cheek line, moustache and lip line. Here's how to get that done.

Firstly, get your tool belt ready with beard accessories like a beard comb, beard cleansing products, the best men’s beard trimmer, and a pair of scissors. 

A step that is usually missed – Cleaning & Conditioning: 

Wash your beard carefully and condition it to start trimming your beard. Dry it out very thoroughly. It's best to dry out the beard for a good trim that will make you feel happy with the outcomes later.

For a perfect trim – Comb it down: 

Comb your beard and moustache down to guarantee that each hair goes in the same direction. This will enable you to go smoothly with your cutting method.

Get high on trimming – Start with the most top guard:

Trimmers differ, so do their guards' lengths. The dial should be turned up, to begin with, the trimming session. Start with what is typically a #4 or 0.5 for trimmers with different clipper guards. As you get to understand the cut (and as your beard grows), you can always change the length. However, the best thing to do is begin high and gradually go low.

Take care of the fading – Fade to the neck: 

Just like the hair-to-neckline fading method, your jawline to the neck should have a similar fade. You might want to hold the taut skin on your neck, as the skin of your neck can often be loose, and you won't get the right trim you're looking for. 

Trimming is not complete without a 'tash – Trim the moustache: 

Styling a beard is not complete if you haven’t touched your moustache. It also requires a trim, because as you develop your beard, the hair can grow straight into your mouth. Use the same method to trim it to the lip line and gradually change the length. You can start with trimming the side moustache, and trim around it while combing it for a final trim.

A touch base with Scissors – Removal of random hair: 

Make use of the scissors to cut the wild hair that becomes tough to trim with men’s razor blades of trimmers. 

Keep it healthy – Moisturize the beard: 

Utilize beard oil & balms for after trim care. These products are fantastic finishers because they keep your follicles clog-free preventing acne outburst, and keep beard healthy & shiny. 

When styling your beard at home, keep in mind that this is not a race. You have to take your time to trim and style the beard. So, better keep your watch out of the bathroom! But, don’t worry, a trimmer helps you get that perfect shape in no time as compared to regular razors. Shop more branded trimmers from Nieboo today! Get them at a 10% off on your first order on the website with the promo code Nieboo10.