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How to Use Braun Shaver Series 7 Cleaning Fluid

Braun Electric Shaver for Men is an automatic cleaning station specially designed for men. Since I am using it for the past few months and I am impressed by its features. This is the reason I recommend everyone to start using it.

An alternative definition of Braun Shaver can be “It is a shaver which offers innovative shaving and men may look quite dashing than normal”.

The cleaning fluid and renew cartridge refill used by the Braun also lubricates the blades and foils of your shaver. In this way, Braun Electric Razor is prolonging its lifespan by reducing the amount of heat and friction produced by it during its use.
These are the two substantial reasons and this is why the demand for Braun is enhancing rapidly.

The brand Braun not only offers a product for shaving but people who love the bald look may also have an option to give a try to their products.

In the above section, we have discussed the
Braun Electric Shaver for men, and now we will discuss their other product which is
Braun men's Electric Shaver for the head.

You may get many handheld skull shaver in the market but no product will be work as smooth as the Braun Brand shaver will work.

So, if you ever think to shave your head then do not forget to try the product by Braun. I can assure you that you will be managed to look charisma.

I will recommend you to change your shaver’s cutter and foil and replace them after using it for 18 months. Within these months, your shaver will shave an average of 60 lac (6,000,000) hairs. And after accomplishing this, the cutting parts of your shaver including foil and cutter will eventually wear out. And you would not feel that comfortable in using the shaver like the initial times. So this is the reason Braun Electric Shaver replacements for foil and cutter is mandatory after every 18 months of using it.

Braun Electric Shaver is a genuine tool specially designed for men who face problems while shaving. Because as we all know’s everyone’s skin is not the same and the growth of hairs too. So some people have soft hairs while there are some people with hard hairs.

So, in this case, people with hard hairs may face troubles while shaving. In order to prevent them from facing troubles, Braun has specially designed this Braun Electric Razor for men.

Although, it seems to be a little expensive as it also requires the replacement of cutter and foil after every 18 months and also the cartridge get empty on using it little. But despite its expensive cost, it also offers worth features. You will need to shell out your earned money at least once and for the next coming 18 months, you do not need to buy it.

For better care of your shaver, you can follow these given below steps. I can assure you that following these steps will make your cartridges of Braun Electric Shaver last longer. By doing this also you would not need to shell out your money many times.

1. After using the shaver, take out the cartridge and before keeping it, do not forget to put its cap on it.

2. Before using it, remove the hairs from the shaving head.

3. Once you are done shaving, wash your cleaning station with water and then keep it safe.

These were the 3 ways you can protect your shaver and may make your cartridges of shaver last longer.

Hence, I would suggest to use Braun Shaver and give it a try at least.

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