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BlocMen Pre Shave Powder Stick 60g Aloe Vera


Shaving is a torture for the skin which repeats itself every day. When it comes to dry shave it is important that the skin is completely dry in order that skin irritation can be avoided. When applied, BLOCMEN© absorbs moisture and enables a smooth gliding of the electric shaver. Additives like aloe vera or allantoin provide for a gentle skin care. The pre shave powder stick is steadily becoming more popular as it significantly enhances well-being during and after the dry shave.


  • For a noticeable smoother dry shave
  • Against redness and skin irritation
  • Can be used with any electric shaver
  • In 3 different variations for every individual need
  • Worldwide proven for over 60 years
  • Powder-Stick 60g