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CB12 Boost Sugar-Free Gum - Strong Mint

CB12 Boost Strong Mint is a unique, sugar-free chewing gum with a patented technology and double action.

CB12 Boost simultaneously provides a cool minty flavour and prevents unpleasant breath with zinc acetate, the active ingredient of CB12. This Sugar Free Chewing Gum immediately freshens the breath. It elevates acid neutralisation and increases oral health with its plaque inhibiting and anti-cavity effect.

You can take CB12 boost whenever and wherever you need it. Use CB12 Boost Strong Mint when necessary during the day as a complement to CB12 mouth rinse. It's the perfect instant breath refresher to carry in your pocket or bag.


  • Contains zinc for reducing the volatile sulphur gases (VSCs) that cause bad breath
  • Contains fluoride that contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralisation
  • Contains xylitol for inhibiting plaque growth
  • Strong mint flavour
  • Sugar free


  • Suggested use: Up to 5 pieces a day.
  • CB12 Boost is recommended for daily use from the age of 12.