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  • Oral-B Replacement Case for Genius Series with Charging Function Black
  • Part number: 81574166
  • Colour: black.
  • Practical travel case for charging your toothbrush and smartphone with just one plug (depending on model).
  • Travel case (cable must be purchased separately)
  • Compatible with the following products: Genuis Series 8000/9000, iBrush 8000/9000
  • Suitable for the following models: Genius 8000 White, Genius 9000 White, Genius 9000 Black
  • Suitable for model numbers: 3765.

Keep your smart toothbrush safe and fully charged with Braun Oral B Charging Travel Case. Sleek and compact, the case is designed to hold up to 2 brush heads and a single toothbrush handle. Additionally, a built-in USB port is incorporated in this toothbrush holder for efficient, simultaneous charging of other electronics at the same time as you charge your brush. A genius solution to insufficient outlet problem.

Designed for 3754, 3756, 3766 and 3767 type Braun smart toothbrush handles, this case is not compatible with Braun toothbrush handles type 3762 and 3764. The type number can be found on the bottom of the drive unit.