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          OraBrush has super soft and delicate bristles on the tongue, modeled on a surgical cleaning brush to deeply clean the soft bumps on the tongue, drawing on the surface the bacteria that cause bad breath. The exclusive patented integrated "gunk" scraper extracts dirt.

  • A fresh mouth all day long with Orabrush. Finally a new accessory for oral hygiene, pleasant to use and with indisputable results. No more little breath genes.
  • 90% of bad breath (halitose) comes from bacteria on the tongue. A simple Bi-Daily cleaning with the OraBrush tongue brush offers a unique freshness throughout the day.
  • OraBrush is both a brush and a scraper. The soft, soft and individual bristles deeply clean all the roughness of the tongue and the scraper, at the tip of the brush, remove what has emerged on the tongue.
  • A toothbrush is designed for cleaning teeth. A tongue scraper cannot scratch the top surface of the tongue. The OraBrush tongue brush deeply cleans the grooves of the tongue where bacteria are housed.
  • These bacteria often appear as a white film on the tongue. OraBrush will eliminate this biofilm to allow you to regain a healthy breath. It takes just a few minutes to find fresh breath.
  • The soft brush, adapted to the tongue, helps to cure bad breath (halitosis).
  • Integrated "gunk" scraper.
  • It does not require gel, glue or chemicals.
  • Fresh breath for up to 12 hours.
  • Colors may vary.