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BLOCMEN 60g Derma Powder Stick


BLOCMEN© Derma is a Pre-Shave Powder Stick which is proven for decades. It is applied onto the skin before dry shaving and allows a specially smooth shave. Suited for sensitive skin.

BLOCMEN© Derma with its water-binding properties absorbs moisture and thus sweat and grease on the skin. Due to this and the soft properties of the powder, a gentle gliding of the electric shaver is made possible. Thus it helps to avoid redness and skin irritation. BLOCMEN© Derma does not contain any fragrance or colorants and and is thus suited for sensitive skin. BLOCMEN© Derma is ideal for use after showering, especially because here the skin moisture is increased.

BLOCMEN© Derma is based on talc. It can be used with any electric shaver. The gentle and soft properties of the talk ease the slide of the electric shaver, thus less force of friction occurs, which tends to reduce abrasion and energy consumption.

Compared with other pre-shave products BLOCMEN© Derma disposes of a dry dosage form.

BLOCMEN© Derma has been used worldwide for many decades now, for a specially dry shave without skin irritation.


  • For a perceptible smooth dry shave
  • Against redness and skin irritation
  • Without fragrance or colorant
  • Suited for sensitive skin
  • Reduces abrasion and energy consumption of the shaver
  • Worldwide proven for over 60 years.