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Braun 31B (5000/6000 Series) - Series 3, Contour, Flex XP, Flex Integral foil and cutterblock, Black

GENUINE and ORIGINAL Packing same as Pictures. Provide Tracking Number Braun replacement foil & cutter blocks help to maintain your shaver’s maximum performance. Braun recommends changing your shaver’s blades every 18 months as the cutting parts will gradually wear out over time, and your shave may become less close and comfortable. After replacing them you get back 100% of your shaver’s performance. Fits the following Braun shavers model No. Series 3 ranges 5610, 5612, 5790 & 5885 Foil and cutter block Fit's Braun Contour, Flex XP & Flex Integral range of shavers Blades should be replaced every eighteen months For optimum performance, clean regularly.


  • Foil & Cutter Head Replacement Pack for BRAUN 5000/6000 Series Shavers.
  • Fits both 5000 Series Shaver and 6000 Series Shaver
  • Made in Germany
  • For optimum performance; clean regularly. Brings back 100% performance
  • Blades should be replaced every eighteen months