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Braun 5S 5609, 370/575 PocketGo Foil & Frame


For an efficient shave everyday, we are now offering this Braun PocketGo Foil & Frame. It can cut an average of 6,000,000 hairs for every 18 months. You can change the shaver's foil and cutter every 18 months to maintain your shaver's maximum performance.


  • Official Electric Shaver of the NFL.
  • It will restore your shaver's cutting ability and shave performance back to new.
  • The replacement head get's your shaver back to 100% performance and a closer shave.
  • Shaver head should be replaced every eighteen months in order to keep your close and comfortable shave
    Replacing your razor head gives a 25% better shave. For optimum performance, clean regularly


  • Compatible with 550, 555, 575, 370, P40, P50, P70, P80, P90, M30, M60, M60b, M60r, M60o, M60g and M-90

How to replace your shaver head?
For older models which have a foil and a cutter block as two independent parts you will need to change the parts in two steps: First remove the foil, either by pressing the release button if your shaver has one, or by pulling the foil. Next rotate the cutter block by 90 degrees and pull it off, holding it at the ends to avoid touching the blades. To fit new parts, simply carry out the same procedure in reverse.