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Braun Silk & Soft Body Shave adjusts to body contours to offer you extra close shaving. The integrated SoftStrip stretches the skin for an even closer reach and lifts problem hairs so they can be easily shaved giving you silky smooth skin. Its smooth rounded gliding head is specially designed to the contours of the female body. You can shave your legs and even sensitive areas of skin such as the underarms and bikini line quickly and conveniently.

It is perfect for:

  • Legs The OptiShave attachment ensures an optimal usage angle for the highest efficiency and comfort. Like the SoftStrip, it stretches the skin for an extra close shave


  • Underarms The rounded shaver head with its elevated foil and the slightly round shape of the long hair trimmer gives a perfect reach even in concave body areas


  • Bikini Line The extended-Long Hair Trimmer offers easy trimming & optimal visibility. It is fixable for exact styling. The additional OptiTrim attachment allows you to shorten hair and turns the Silk&Soft BodyShave into a bikini trimmer

    The EasyGlide Cushion ensures smooth gliding and less irritation. A honeycomb structure smoothes out the skin for perfect gliding abilities.

  • Features:

    • Battery operated electric lady shaver
    • Floating foil and trimmer for a close shave on legs, underarms or bikini line
    • Rounded head adapts to body contours, a close shave, followed by the touch of a vibrating exfoliation attachment, Easy to use, the result is smooth
    • One extra: Trimmer cap for bikini line and sensitive areas
    • Braun Epilators, ideal gifts for women