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        The Brush-Baby Floss Brush has mixed length bristles to help clean teeth and antibacterial action to reduce the growth of bacteria on the bristles. For ages 3-6 yrs. Short bristles - clean the tooth's surface. Long bristles - reach between teeth and into the gum line. Natural silver antibacterial action keeps the bristles cleaner between brushing. Easy-grip handle. Small brush head is comfortable in mouths. Features unqiue bi-level bristles to help clean between teeth. Available in Pink or Blue

  • Both short and long bristles to clean everywhere
  • Natural silver antibacterial
  • Available in pink or blue

• These unique bi-level bristles remove plaque not reached by conventional toothbrushes.
• Great for kids who are not yet able to floss, have gaps or missing teeth
• Suitable from age 3+ years