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DenTek floss picks are clinically proven to remove plaque as effectively as dental floss*
*Clinical on file.

All DenTek floss picks: remove food, reduce tooth decay, remove plaque and fight bad breath

How do I know which floss pick right for me?
Triple clean floss picks - tongue cleaner, textured pick; Floss Type: Scrubbing
Comfort clean floss picks - sensitive gums, tight teeth, tongue cleaner, textured pick; Floss Type: Silky Tape
Complete clean floss picks - tight teeth, tongue cleaner, bristled pick, scaling tool; Floss Type: Shred Proof
Complete clean back teeth floss picks - tight teeth, bristled pick, back teeth; Floss Type: Shred Proof
Slides easily, Removes plaque & food, Textured pick, Tongue cleaner, Advanced fluoride coating
  • Silky Tape Floss fits snug teeth to remove food and plaque
  • Textured pick deep cleans between teeth and stimulates gums
  • Tongue cleaner helps fight bad breath
  • Flosser's minty flavor leaves your mouth feeling fresh