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Venus razors are designed with a woman’s body in mind. From handles designed for a comfortable grip to pivoting heads that contour to curves, Venus razors are designed to help reveal touchably smooth skin. 

Enjoy a close, comfortable shave with Venus Extra Smooth. With five diamond-like coated blades for a closer shave, and a protective ribbon of moisture, you’ll experience skin that feels smoother for longer*.

Did you know that any Venus blade refill fits any Venus handle? Find your perfect shaving match, without buying a whole new Venus razor.

Treat your skin with Luxurious Venus with Olay UltraMoisture shave gels. These gels have moisturizers for soft, smooth skin every time you shave.

  • Experience extra soft skin for longer (vs Venus Smooth)
  • Razor blades with 5 blades with adamantine carbon coating for an optimal glide on your skin
  • Moisturizing tape protects you from cuts
  • The rounded swivel head conforms to the curves of your body and makes it easier to pass the razor through difficult areas
  • All Venus blades fit all Venus razors (except Simply Venus)