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Stoddard Icon Purple Standard Interdental Brush

• Recommended by hygienists & dentists are these super values pack interdental brushes. Pack contains 8 brushes instead of the usual 6.

• These brushes have the added advantage of a specially designed handle that can be made even longer, if you need to, for those hard to reach areas by fixing the cap at the other end of the brush.

• Interdental brushes are great at reducing the plaque which collects in areas that are difficult for a manual or electric brush to reach. They are also more effective and easier to use than floss in most cases.

• Reducing the bacteria which collects daily between the teeth and gums helps prevent bad breath, significantly reduces bleeding gums and the risk of hard to see tooth decay occurring on either side of teeth.

• These packs are absolutely fantastic value as they contain 8 brushes, have a specially designed extendable handle and have a cap included so that the bristles stay nice and clean, last longer and are easy to carry.

• The brushes are made of a plastic-coated, high tensile strength core & memory retentive bristles, that holds its shape better, which gives less distortion than with other brands, meaning that they last longer! As with all products of this nature, in the interest of hygiene, no refunds.

• These packs are exceptional value but by buying more than one packet of the same item not only do you save a bit of money but you also help to protect the environment by having less packaging and less deliveries.