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iDontix Brace X-Floss, Green

Implants/bridge and orthodontic brace floss (Green). it consists of a firm nylon threader with bulky yet flexible, soft floss for superior cleaning. The material used for the floss section is soft yet cleans better than any other floss product due to its ability to grab the plaque. Patients with implants, bridges orthodontic appliances, wide perio spaces, and tilted teeth will find x-floss a pleasure to use. Recommended by dental hygienists to use x-floss.


  • Designed for implants, bridges, wide perio spaces plus braces.
  • Firm threader is easy to insert, no buckling and it resists moisture.
  • The thickness and flexibility of the bulky but elastic floss make for effective easy and quick cleaning.
  • Unique patented design.