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  • For optimal care of the interdental areas – easy to use.
  • Slender shape like a periodontal probe.
  • Ready to use and hygienic – no bending or plugging in required.
  • Reduces the risk of caries, for daily dental care.
  • Plastic-coated wire – also for cleaning implants, crowns and braces.

The Interprox product range offers the most comprehensive range of interdental brushes developed by oral health experts to completely remove oral biofilm from interdental spaces.

The quality of the brushes is certified by the ISO standard 16409, which ensures their durability.

The Interprox brushes are made from high-quality Tynex bristles and can be inserted at right angles.

They are woven around a plastic-coated wire that prevents sensitisation due to contact between metallic surfaces and protects the gums.

Interprox adapts to all interdental spaces. Cylindrical or conical brush heads are available.

The former is recommended for cleaning between the front teeth, while the latter is more suitable for the interdental spaces between the front and back molars.

Depending on the shape of the brush head and other technical characteristics, the range can be divided into two types of brushes:

Interprox and Interprox Plus. Both can be used to clean between teeth in any area of the oral cavity. However, for more comfortable use, the following is recommended:

Interprox plus for the posterior oral cavity (the angled head facilitates access), Interprox for the anterior interdental spaces (the protective cap can be attached to the flexible handle to facilitate access to the back areas).

Thanks to the protective cap, these brushes can be hygienically stored and taken with you after use.