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Miele Descaling Tablets 6x50g

Descaling tablets for coffee machines, cookers/ovens with an air cooking and steamer without pressure. Tips to descale your Miele Steamer: to stand up to years of abuse, the steamer cloth on a regular basis. Miele recommends the use of Miele descaling tablets, as they are tailored to the material in the device. Just wear the descaling program start and follow the notes in the display and in the user manual. If you have a pressure have damp Fgarer, rather than the Miele descaling tablets The Miele system Descaler (Flüsssig). Box Contents: 3 packs of 6 tablets, each 50g balls,


  • Miele descaling Tebletten 6x50g
  • Suitable for coffee machines, cookers/ovens with air cooking, steam iron systems, and without pressure Steamer
  • Thorough removal of deposits and limescale
  • Co-ordinated: Special Miele formula
  • Box contents: 6 tablets, 50g