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Panasonic Electric Shaver Razor Cleaning Brushes - WES8093H7057


Two side bristles cleaning brush manufactured by Panasonic. 


  • Electric razor cleaning brush
  • Double ended brush, convenient for daily use
  • Works with all brands
  • Good, stiff bristles will stand up to daily cleanings well.
  • Firm and very convenient to clean electric shavers and razors.


  • Reasonable for ES-3001, ES-301, ES-302, ES-303, ES-3041, ES-3042, ES-3043, ES-3050, ES-307, ES-311, ES-312, ES-323, ES-324, ES-326, ES-327, ES-335, ES-361, ES-363 ES-366 ES-372 ES-373 ES-374 ES-375 ES-4001 ES4001S511 ES-4025 ES4025S511 ES-4027 ES-4029 ES-4032 ES-4033 ES-4035 ES-4036 ES-4815 ES-7003 ES7003A511 ES-7006 ES-7008 ES-702 ES-7023 ES-7026 ES-7027 ES-703 ES-704 ES704SK804 ES-705 ES-718 ES-719 ES-724 ES-725 ES-726 ES-727 ES-742 ES-743 ES-744 ES-761 ES-762 ES-765 ES-766 ES-8003 ES8003S811 ES-8016 ES-8017 ES-8018 ES-8025 ES-8026 ES8026S811 ES-8066 ES-8067 ES-8068 ES-8080 ES-858 ES-859 ES-861 ES-862 ES-863 ES-865 ES-867 ES-868 ES-869 ES-871 ES-874 ES-876 ES-881 ES-882 ES-883 ES-893.