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        The Panasonic ES-WR40-VP is an electronic touch up shaver that provides the convenience of a dry shave anywhere you go. It features pivoting head which rotates from a traditional horizontal position to a vertical alignment making it convenient for legs, underarms, bikini area, back, or neckline. The ES-WR40-VP delivers a close shave without nicks or cuts with its ultra-thin blades (0.1 mm) and do not need replacing for up to two years. The shaver is perfect for traveling or the gym bag. It's cosmetic inspired design is perfect addition to any makeup bag. Panasonic ESWR40VP503 Wet and Dry Mobile Body Trimmer in Pink with 2 Pivot Positions, Long Lasting Blade and Portable Design.

  • Pivoting Body Shaver 2-Pivot Positions Blade
  • Portable Design 100% Waterproof Blade
  • Battery Operated Long Lasting Blade
  • Up To 5 Years Of Usage
  • Runs On AAA Battery