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This bottle of oil also replaces Panasonic oil type WES8196X7918

This 7ml bottle of high-performance oil will keep your shaver in tip-top working order and with a smooth-running action.

Handy bottles of Panasonic WES8196X7910 genuine lubricating oil for shavers.

The oil goes a long way as you only need to apply one or two drops to the shaver then let it run for a few minutes. The oil will work its way into the vital moving parts making the mechanism smooth running again.

The oil can also be used to lubricate and maintain other hair care products such as:

  • Beard Trimmers
  • Nose Trimmers
  • Hair Clipper
  • Ear Trimmers
  • Suitable For Use With Men & Ladies Shaving Equipment
  • Supplied in a Bottle With an Ultrafine Dispensing Nozzle
  • Panasonic Part Number: WES8196X7910