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  • Panasonic WER9902Y Blade Replacement blades for your Panasonic shaver To help maintain the level of grooming performance you demand from your shaver, the precision blades you depend on should be replaced once a year* to ensure exceptional proximity and comfort. Why replace your blades? Over time, your razor blades can fade and create skin discomfort and a less satisfying shaving experience. Replace them with Panasonic blades Panasonic ultra-thin blades are made from high quality Japanese stainless steel. Each blade reflects centuries-old traditions of skill and expertise in manufacturing high quality steels previously used to create the legendary swords of Japan. Hypo-allergenic blades for sensitive skin Like the original blades supplied with your razor, Panasonic precision replacement blades are manufactured with the same hypoallergenic finish to prevent irritation, even on sensitive skin. * Based on 3 minute daily shaving use. The replacement calendar varies depending on the hair type, thickness and calendar of use.
  • Replacement Blade
  • Original Replacement Blade for Panasonic ER-1611/1610/1511/1510/160/154/153/152/15 Mowers
  • Reference: Wer9902