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  • Panasonic replacement foil and cutter pack.
  • Stainless Steel Material.
  • For Models: ES-6002 Shaver, ES-RT51 Shaver, ES-RT31 Shaver, ES-RT81 Shaver, ES-RL21 Shaver.
  • For Models:ES-8813 Shaver, ES-8078 Shaver, ES7109 Shaver, ES7102 Shaver, ES-7058 Shaver, ES-6003 Shaver.
  • For Models: ES7101 Shaver, ES7101 Power Lead, ES-8044 Shaver, ES8043 Shaver, ES8043 Shaver, ES7038 Shaver, ES7036 Shaver.
  • Imported from UK.
  • GENUINE and ORIGINAL Packing same as Pictures. Provide Tracking Number Replacement Outer Foil and Inner Blade Set For Panasonic ES6003 ES6013 ES7035 ES7036 ES7037 ES7043 ES7046 ES7047 ES7056 ES7058 ES7101 ES7103 ES7109 ES7111 ES7112 ES7115 ES8043 ES8044 ES8046 ES8047 ES8075 ES8076 ES8077 ES8078 ES8088 ES8815 ES8816 ES-RT30