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Panasonic WES9032 Replacement Foil & Blade Combo for 5-Blade Shaver


Maintain the level of grooming comfort and satisfaction you demand from your shaver, the high-performance blades and foils by replacing it with this replacement parts. We have an easy-to-install Panasonic replacements blades and foils.


  • Panasonic replacement foil and cutter pack
  • Made From Japanese Stainless Steel Material
  • Each blade reflects the centuries-old traditions of skill and expertise in crafting the high-quality steels once used to create Japan's legendary swords.
  • Panasonic blades are hypoallergenic, and precision-honed to a perfect 30° angle - for a consistently clean, close and efficient shave.



  • Compatible with: ES-LV95-S, ES-LV65-S, ES-LV61-A