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  • Designed to remove plaque and improve gum Plastic coated wire prevents sensitivity
  • Supplied with an extra grip holder and a separate extender that doubles as a hygienic brush cover
  • Handy pocket size makes them ideal for use at home or when traveling
  • 12 brushes per blister pack

Ekulf PH Interdental Brushes are an easy-to-use interdental brush. Every brush has between 400-600 small brush fibers that ensure an optimal cleaning-effect between the teeth.

The cap can both be used as a handle enlarger or as protective cap for the brush head
High effective cleaning between teeth
400-600 filaments in each brush head
Tynex filaments that easily adjust to the anatomy of the teeth
Plastic coated non-corrosive metal wire
Does not damage dentures
Grip enlarger for better control
Plastic cap for protection of the brush or handle enlarger
A complete interdental series for all interproximal spaces

Each pack contains 12 brushes.

Step 1: Use the most appropriate size interdental brush for each space. The brush should slide easily between the teeth without being forced, ensuring the bristles and not the wire is in contact with the teeth.

Step 2: Move the brush in and out without twisting.

Step 3: In order to achieve the right angle to reach spaces between the rear teeth it will be necessary to flex the handle between thumb and forefinger. Try to avoid bending the wire itself and this will weaken the brush head.