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Philips Sonicare introduces a new innovation with a UV Sanitiser that helps kill up to 99% of bacteria on your toothbrush. With a simple push of a button, UV Clean technology sanitises your brush head to clean right down to the bristles.

The Philips Sonicare UV SANITISER is simple to use and has a built-in automatic shut-off for a hygienic and chemical free sanitisation process. Users place one or two rechargeable toothbrush heads inside the unit, close the door and push the button. It is that simple. A blue light will indicate that the product is on and working.

Once the sanitisation cycle has begun, the Sanitizer will run for 10 minutes, and will automatically shut-off when the cycle is complete. Leaving fully sanitised brush heads ready for their next use. The unit may also serve as a storage device, until the next time the brush is used.


  • Sanitize
  • UV clean technology helps kill germs on your brush head
  • All around clean reflection for optimal results
  • Simple push of the button safeguards against germs
  • Auto shut-off turns off after 10-minute cycle is complete
  • Hygienic storage for your brush head
  • Fits Sonicare e-series and ProResults brush heads
  • Fits Oral-B FlexiSoft and FlossAction brush heads