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Philips HQ56/50 Super Reflex Shaving Head has three dynamic parts that move independently, flexing outward, pivoting around and tilting inward to follow the natural contours of your face. Philips heads let you shave any way you want. The Aquatec seal gives you the option of either a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave with shaving cream or gel. The replacement shaving unit is equipped with the patented Super Lift and Cut System which is designed to give you a close and comfortable shave as the first blade lifts while the second blade cuts comfortably below skin level. It's 15 razor-sharp blades for a fast and close shave.Suitable for models HQ6405,HQ6415,HQ6423,HQ6445,HQ6605,HQ6613,HQ6616,HQ6640,HQ6645,HQ6675,HQ6695,HQ6831,HQ6842,HQ6843,HQ6844,HQ6849,HQ6853,HQ6854,HQ6859,HQ6861,HQ6863,HQ6868,HQ6874,HQ6879,HQ6920,HQ6940,HQ6970,HQ6990.


  • Within 2 years your shaver heads cut 9 million hairs on your face
  • Replace your shaver head every 2 years to reset your shaver and get a close, comfortable clean shave again
  • Easy to replace with simple how-to-guide
  • Fits HQ64xx, HQ66xx, HQ68xx, HQ69xx and HQ900 series
  • Includes three blades for one complete refresh