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Piksters 0.70mm Size 5 Blue Interdental Brush - Pack of 10

Piksters interdental brushes are recommended by dentists and hygienists because of their superior cleaning ability. Unlike traditional flosses the Piksters bristles access hard to reach places and remove plaque from the smallest crevices.

The spaces between your teeth make up 40% of your tooth surface but account for up to 80% of dental problems. Piksters interdental brushes have superior plastic coated wire (safe for implants), durable bristles, individual hygienic caps for storage and are compatible with the new Power Pikster and Piksters Connect System.


  • The interdental space brush small, very tight spaces.
  • The practical, very narrow interdental space brush with a thin but handy handle can be extremely light, even in very tight spaces to insert.
  • Piksters interdental brushes are also available on cleaning the gums hem on the implants.
  • This brush is several times in the desired position, so that mean that you can easily can bend any space.