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Icon is a British designed and manufactured interdental brush recommended by dentists and hygienists for cleaning between your teeth

  • Strong - Flexible - Durable: Stoddard use a high tensile strength wire to limit buckling and breakage
  • Exemplary Hygiene: Each brush has its own protective cap, Ideal for dropping into a handbag or pocket
  • Precision: Enhanced through its extendable handle and ergonomic design

Instructions for use

  • Brush Daily: For Healthier Teeth & Gums
  • Choose brush size appropriate to interdental space. Follow your dentist’s advice.
  • Insert the brush between the teeth and gently move back and forth until the plaque is removed, never force the brush.
  • After use wash the brush with water and protect with the antibacterial cap.
  • Do not bend repeatedly or beyond a 45 degree angle.
  • Store safely, out of reach of children.


  • Pack of 6 differnet interdental brushes