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Special floss by TePe developed to clean even the most difficult areas around implants, bridges, and braces

  1. Stiff plastic ends make each string easy to grip and insert, while a flexible, spongy middle provides efficient cleaning and clears debris out of larger gaps
  2. The thick, soft and unwaxed material in the middle ensures delicate to use on sensitive gums and prevents gum inflammation
  3. TePe Bridge & Implant Floss is an essential part of daily dental care for those with specific needs and is recommended by dentists



1. Take one of the stiff ends and insert between teeth on the left side of where the dental implants or orthodontic appliance begins.

2. Wrap TePe Bridge & Implant Floss around tooth and insert stiff end through right side of tooth until spongy part covers area where tooth and gums meet.

3. Gently rub the spongy area in gaps between teeth making sure not to put too much pressure on teeth.

4. Remove TePe Bridge & Implant from the mouth and discard properly.