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      The tepe extra grip makes a good sold surface to get hold of and equally importantly, allows you to put the toothbrush down on a surface, leaving both hands free to squeeze the toothpaste onto the toothbrush.
However, it's made from hard plastic and in my opinion that's a poor choice of materials. Silicon would have been preferred for it's gripability and flexibility.
Also, because it's hard plastic, it does not fit 'almost any' toothbrush. So far, the only one I have found that is slim enough is the slender oral-B 1.2.3 classic care.
It's because of the above points that I could only give it 3 stars, although there doesn't seem to be much on the market in the way of an alternative.

  • Helps those with reduced manual dexterity by providing a stable grip
  • Also perfect for caregivers who assist a person with disabilities
  • Weighs only 30 grams
  • Fits most TePe toothbrushes and special brushes
  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Diswasher safe
  • Developed in conjunction with qualified occupational therapists at the Center for Technical Aid, Department of Rheumatology and Department of Hand Surgery at Malmö University Hospital, Sweden