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The TePe Interspace brushes are special brushes for very precise cleaning. The small tuft on top of the head is pointed, giving the brush a much narrower head for hard to reach areas.

Single tuft brush on an angled handle for cleaning areas such as backs of teeth, furcation or around orthodontic appliances 4 detachable brush-tips are included in the package / Attachable on both sides of the handle, giving optimal access to even the most problematic areas. Blue handle with medium strength filaments to provide a good balance between gentle and potent cleaning

  • TePe Interspace is an angled toothbrush with a pointed tuft, ideal for fine and precise cleaning of hard to reach places
  • Four exchangeable brush tips included in the package / Can be attached to either side of handle for optimal access
  • Blue variant with medium strength bristles for a perfect balance between gentle and effective cleaning / A softer hardness (soft - yellow) is also available
  • Medium filaments ideal for sensitive gums and teeth
  • Ergonomic grip and plastic coated wire ensures efficient cleaning