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       The antibacterial treated filter for vicks evaporative humidifiers is an essential part of the humidifier and must be present for it to work. How Do Evaporative Humidifiers Work? Evaporative humidifiers are equipped with this special filter, also known as a wicking filter, which soaks up water. A fan draws dry air through the moistened filter and re-circulates humidified air back into the room. During this process the air is simultaneously washed, i.e. various dust and other air borne particles are retained to a certain extent in the wicking filter. You should change the filter under normal circumstances every two months. The performance of the filter depends on the mineral content of the water and the amount of airborne dust in the environment. If both these are high then the filter may need to be changed more often. Always replace the filter i mmediately if it becomes discoloured or when the top of it is not moist to touch.

  • Essential for use in Vicks and honeywell evaporative and GermFree humidifiers
  • Suitable for humidifier models: V-3100, VH3900, HH350
  • Absorbs water and adds humidity to the air via a humidifier
  • Traps various dust and air borne particles
  • Under normal circumstances life is approx. two months