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Waterpik Sensonic Standard Heads Triple

Waterpik Standard Brush Heads feature a soft, high-low bristle pattern that gently but effectively removes plaque from hard-to-reach areas. Soft end-rounded bristles provide effective plaque removal while being gentle on your teeth and gums.

How to Use:
For best results, position brush head along the gumline at a 45-degree angle. Use light pressure with a small, slow back and forth motion covering one or two teeth at a time. After use, remove the brush head from the toothbrush handle and rinse brush head under running water.


  • Soft, end-rounded bristles gently target hard-to-reach areas
  • Advanced brush head design with high-low bristle configuration
  • 3 replacement sonic toothbrush heads per package


  • Recommended for use with: Complete Care (WP-900), Complete Care 7.0 (WP-950/WP-952), Ortho Care (WP-940), Sensonic Professional Plus Toothbrush, Complete Care