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Bacteria and plaque doesn't just hide between your teeth; it can also live in plain site on other areas of your mouth like your tongue. Using a tongue cleaner daily can help to remove the bacteria that causes plaque and bad breath. The Waterpik tongue cleaner attachment allows multi-function of your waterpik unit! With this unique tip, you can convert your water flosser into an effective tongue cleaners that not only scrapes but also streams water for a full mouth clean!

Compatible With:

  • Ultra Dental Water Jet - WP-100
  • Ultra Cordless WP-450
  • Trveler Water Flosser WP-300

    Are you looking for help with bad breath? The contoured shape of the Waterpik® Tongue Cleaner sweeps away the bacteria and sulfur compounds on your tongue that can cause bad breath. Daily use can help prevent halitosis.

Replace every 6 months.

2 colour-coded Tongue Cleaners per package (colour may vary)

  • 2 colour-coded Tongue Cleaners per package (colour may vary)
  • Removes bacteria that cause bad breath